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Making Aquatic, Animal & Human Health Products more Efficient and Effective


Supratect™ is an easy to use veterinary health product made entirely from plant material that supports healthy fish and fish eggs. It is a safe, sustainable and cost-effective solution for maintaining optimal fish health in large aquaculture operations or in small ornamental fish tanks.

Supratect™ is a non-toxic natural product that has no adverse effects on human or fish health. It allows commercial fish farms to produce healthy food in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

Supratect is the first, and currently the only, natural fish health product to receive approval through the Low-Risk Veterinary Health Products notification program of Health Canada. Approved and commercially available in Chile. Pending approval in UK.


Puralyze™ is a plant-based immersive bath for maintaining optimal health of fish. It is a safe, effective and sustainable alternative to existing products.

RPS recently received two notification numbers from Health Canada’s Veterinary Drugs Directorate (VDD). Puralyze™ received approval in both liquid and powdered forms allowing this novel natural product to be marketed and sold in Canada. Soon to be available in Chile and other prominent aquaculture markets. 

FeedShield– Fish Meal Stabilizer

RPS developed an herbal product to increase the shelf life of fish meal. This is a safe, natural product targeted as a replacement for harmful chemicals that are currently used in some countries. Some jurisdictions, like the European Union, have already begun restricting the use of these chemicals and the need for a safe replacement is acute. This natural product is just what they need.

Our product has been tested by third-parties for its effectiveness and RPS is now pursuing partnerships to include our ingredient in commercial fish meals.

DNA/RNAI Vaccines

RPS is in the research and development stage with several vaccines.

Sea Lice

RPS developed two sea lice vaccines based on its proprietary DNA/RNAi technology platform. Trials were performed for efficacy and safety by a third-party research institute (Huntsman Marine Science Centre, New Brunswick). The results are under evaluation. Samples from fish involved in the trial are being examined for gene expression at the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island.

ISAV (Infectious salmon Anemia Virus)

Infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) is a serious disease of farmed Atlantic salmon caused by the aquatic orthomyxovirus infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV). ISA was first detected in Norway in 1984 and was characterized by severe anaemia and circulatory disturbances.

In Canada, ISA was first detected in farmed Atlantic salmon in New Brunswick in 1996.

RPS has DNA/RNAi vaccines that have already trialed in vivo and in vitro (RNAi). With successful in vitro result, RPS did an in vivo trial with St. Andrews Biological Station in New Brunswick. The result was encouraging.


SupraFresh is an easy to use antimicrobial product made entirely from common plant materials that extends the shelf life of fresh foods. 

It is a safe and sustainable solution for maintaining freshness of fruits, vegetable, meat, poultry and fish. 

SupraFresh is non-toxic and has no adverse health effects.