Entry into the aquarium market with Supratect

Rpsbilogiques is making a wave in the aquarium market with it’s 100% natural Supratect product. Recently several large aquarium portals have started selling the product and the reviews from its users have been extremely positive.

AngelFin described the product with the following: 

“We have been using this product in our store for several months and we are impressed by the results. We received a batch of fish with a mild fungus infection and one dose of Supratect solved the issue. We had to use 5 consecutive daily doses to eradicate it (we did a water change between the 4th and 5th dose). The tank contained both plants, shrimps and snails and we haven’t lost any of them.”

The product can be purchased using this link:  Supratect 

Other aquarium supplies vendors are also starting to offer the product on their sites like: 1fish2fishdartmouth