Our Team


Dr. Subrata Chowdhury

Founder, President and Chief Scientist

Dr. Chowdhury received his PhD in Microbiology/Virology from Reading University, UK. He is a molecular biologist with a strong record of research and university level teaching in microbiology, immunology, genetics and virology. Dr. Chowdhury is skilled in various fields of disease control including vaccine development, notably for Lyme disease, Malaria and proteomics.
Dr. Chowdhury is on the Editorial Board of two international journals and has presented several papers at the international meetings. 


Wes MacAleer 

Managing Director

Mr. MacAleer is a former member of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island from 1996 to 2007 and served in the provincial cabinet as Minister of Economic Development & Tourism. Mr. MacAleer is a former newspaper publisher and he spent 18 years in the Northwest Territories where he helped introduce cable television and satellite communications technology. He is an experienced entrepreneur and continues to be actively involved in many aspects of business development in Prince Edward Island. 


Ranjana Banerjee 

Member of the Board of Directors

Ms. Banerjee has an MSc in Chemistry and trained at Brookline College, CUNY.  She has 11 years of experience in teaching Chemistry and also management. She has experience in quality control, testing materials for their sterility and purity.  


Rob Lantz


Mr. Lantz holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Prince Edward Island. He pursued post-graduate studies in Business Information Systems Design and worked for more than two decades as a consultant in the Information Technology sector as a senior functional and technical analyst. He has extensive experience in the design, implementation and support of enterprise scale systems for finance, human resources, payroll, procurement and business intelligence. Mr. Lantz served for eight years as a member of Charlottetown city council. In February 2015, he was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Prince Edward Island and led the party through the general election of May 2015. 


Dr. Brian Glebe 


Dr. Glebe holds a PhD in Genetics from McGill University. In 2014 he retired from his position as Salmon Aquaculture Research Scientist at Fisheries and Oceans Canada. He was Founding Director of the Aquaculture Department at The Huntsman Marine Science Center and spent his entire career in senior research and management positions in the aquaculture industry. As an expert in fish health and fish food production, Dr. Glebe will advise RPS on the trial protocol, supervise the project and assist with the regulatory approval process. 


Dr. Regis Duffy 


Dr. Duffy was appointed the first dean of science at the University of Prince Edward Island in 1969. In 1970, Dr.Duffy founded the company Diagnostic Chemicals Limited (DCL). DCL now operates under the name BioVectra Inc. In 2007, Dr. Duffy was named board chair emeritus of UPEI’s board of governors, and has served as chair for 10 years. Duffy has also been named a member of the Order of Canada, in addition to being inducted into the P.E.I. Business Hall of Fame. He is also the founding chair of PEI BioAlliance and a member of the National Research Council Canada’s Institute for Marine Biosciences for Nutrisciences and Health Advisory Committee.