RPS Biologiques brokers distribution deal with Agrovet Chile

For Immediate Release

June 23rd, 2022

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island – Charlottetown-based RPS Biologiques Inc. (RPS) and Agrovet Chile have partnered on an exclusive distribution of RPS’s ‘Puralyze’ product in Chile. The agreement is expected to result in sales in excess of $8 million over the next three years.

Puralyze is a plant-based immersive bath for maintaining optimal health of fish. Specifically, the RPS product successfully combats sea lice infestation in salmon. It is a safe, effective, and sustainable alternative to existing products on the market. 
Led by Dr. Subrata Chowdhury, the team at RPS have worked diligently over the last four years, conducting extensive research with Puralyze and are confident their new product will address an important unmet need in the industry. 
“This is a great opportunity for RPS to market our product in Chile. Puralyze is a critical piece of our company’s commitment to first-of-its-kind biotech products and solutions for aquatic health”, said Dr. Chowdhury. Puralyze is the company’s second commercial aquaculture product. Its Supratect product is widely used as a natural remedy to maintain fish health in hatcheries and in home aquaria. 

Diseases are the largest cause of economic losses in the aquaculture industry. In salmon farming regions around the globe, more than $500M annually is spent on managing sea lice infections and the resulting loss of stock and product downgrades. 
Dr. Claudio Retamal, Director, Agrovet Chile believes that Puralyze will be a game changer in the aqua industry in Chile. “With the increased pressure to avoid environmental issues, using natural products such as Puralyze is a win-win for our salmon population and our environment”, says Dr. Retamal. PEI Minister of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture Hon. Matthew MacKay attended today’s announcement.
He said that Prince Edward Island has established itself as a leading global centre for the development and manufacturing of breakthrough fish health products. “Dr. Chowdhury and RPS is a fine example of the global impact of PEI bioscience research expertise and successful commercialization of breakthrough technology.”

The Chilean salmon industry produces 779,000 tonnes of product per year with a current annual value of $8 billion. Chilean Salmon production represents 800,000 tons of Atlantic Salmon and a total volume of 1,000,000 tons which includes the three species today fish farmed in Chile (Atlantic salmon, Pacific salmon and trout). This represented $5.2 billion USD in exports in 2021.

RPS is a member of the Emergence bioscience business incubator operated by the PEI BioAlliance. RPS manufactures its products at BioFoodTech in Charlottetown.

About Agrovet Since 1974, Agrovet has been actively participating in the development of Animal Health in Chile. In 2014, with the acquisition of the veterinary division of Laboratorio Chile, Agrovet established one of the broadest portfolios of veterinary products, and a company with health products for use with many species