For Maintaining Optimal Health of Fish and Fish Eggs

Supratect™ is an easy to use veterinary health product made entirely from plant material that supports healthy fish and fish eggs. It is a safe, sustainable and cost-effective solution for maintaining optimal fish health in large aquaculture operations or in small ornamental fish tanks. 

Supratect™ is a non-toxic natural product that has no adverse effects on human or fish health. It allows commercial fish farms to produce healthy food in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

Supratect is the first, and currently the only, natural fish health product to receive approval through the Low-Risk Veterinary Health Products notification program of Health Canada.

RPS produces Supratect for use in large scale commercial fish farms, and also for use by fish hobbyists in small ornamental fish aquariums.

Supratect is available in two form:  Supratect-L (liquid) and Supratect-P (powder).

Please contact us for more information about how you can use Supratect.

Consumer version of Supratect for ornamental fish aquariums.

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Supratect Aquarium Reviews

After getting home from a weekend vacation I found my 38 gallon tank covered in fungus due to improper feeding by the pet sitter. My 11 inch goldfish was sunk to the bottom of the tank, bloated with a cloak of fungus on him. 

I immediately did a 50% water change, put 20mL of Supratect into the tank, turned off the light and said goodbye to my goldfish thinking he was a lost cause. Upon waking up in the morning he was swimming around the tank like nothing happened. Supratect saved my fishes life!

This is the second fish it has saved. The first fish was a little molly that came from the pet store with fungus (but its not as exciting of a story)

Sarah Douyard, Research and Development Scientist, Catachem, Inc.

“I have been an aquarium hobbyist for 20 years from 5-gallon to 225-gallon aquariums. As with any living creature I do my research to give my fish the best life possible. As any hobbyist knows fish disease comes in many types and forms as do the incredible selection of treatments available on the market. Ultimately, you may have to compromise one aspect of your fish to treat another. The side effects can be jaw dropping.

A fellow hobbyist recommended Supratect to me during one of those challenging times. I simply cannot praise this product enough! It’s All Natural, no side effects AND totally effective. I have never found all three of these factors in one product. Never.

My friends use it in their ponds and aquariums with equal praise and results. I‘ve gone so far as to tell my fellow hobbyists in Japan, UK and Europe to find it! It’s not in their local stores, however, until such time, it’s available on Amazon! I forecast that Supratect will go global. It’s destined to be a staple that every hobbyist will have on their shelf. I will never be without it as a solution and as a preventative!”

M. E. Clare Cowan, CEO, Cahill International