RPS Biologiques receives Health Canada notifications


September 13, 2021 

RPS Biologiques Inc. is pleased to announce that its latest Veterinary Health Product (VHP), Puralyze™, recently received two notification numbers from Health Canada’s Veterinary Drugs Directorate (VDD). Puralyze™ received approval in both liquid and powdered forms allowing this novel natural product to be marketed and sold in Canada.

RPS Biologiques develops innovative biotech products with proven market potential. In 2019, the company’s natural product Supratect™ became the first VHP notified by Health Canada for use in aquatic species; an exceptional milestone that paved the way for future technologies to further enrich the  aquaculture industry with new, innovative products.

Puralyze™ is a plant-based immersive bath for maintaining optimal health of fish. It is a safe, effective and sustainable alternative to existing products. The President of RPS Biologiques, Dr. Subrata Chowdhury, says Puralyze™ is the next step in the company’s commitment to create first-of-kind biotech products and solutions for aquatic, animal and human health. “Health Canada is widely respected as a regulatory body, and we expect these notifications will help fast track approval of Puralyze™ in international aquaculture markets. We already have overseas customers asking for the product”, says Dr. Chowdhury.

Diseases are the largest cause of economic losses in aquaculture. Fish farms are continuously affected by various viral, bacterial, parasitic, and fungal pathogens. In salmon farming regions of the world the costs involved in managing sea lice infections alone, and the resulting loss of stock and product downgrades, is estimated at more than US$500M annually. Frequent repeated chemical treatments have resulted in concerns of antimicrobial resistance and ecological damage. RPS Biologiques is focused on the need to optimize health and wellness in aquaculture species with effective low-risk natural products.

The testing undertaken to validate Puralyze™ was completed mainly at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre located in St Andrews, New Brunswick. Established in 1969, Huntsman is a private, not-for-profit research and science based teaching institution whose work is recognized throughout Canada and internationally.  

Paul Dick & Associates (PDA), a global consulting company, worked with RPS Biologiques and Health Canada to obtain notification for Puralyze™ via the VHP program. The firm specializes in the development and registration of animal and human health products including veterinary biologics, veterinary drugs, feeds and natural health products. 

RPS Biologiques Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. RPS is a member of the PEI Bioalliance and Emergence, Canada’s Bioscience Business Incubator.